Printing your invitation files

It is highly recommended that you have a sample card printed at a photo processor or on your home printer before having ALL of them printed. Colors may look different on paper than they do on the computer screen. But because the colors on the files do not change from order to order, any problems are likely a printer issue. We recommend that you check the ink cartridges to see if they need replacement or adjust the intensity settings on your printer. Generally, this always solves the problem!


PDF  Print the file with two invitations per page at home onto premium matte photo paper or heavy bright white cardstock (this file can also be uploaded to an office supply store, or put on a flash drive and taken into an office supply store for printing). Cut each invitation out with scissors (or a paper trimmer for a nice clean edge) and use an A7 envelope for your 5x7" invitation to mail. You may purchase envelopes at an office supply store, craft/hobby store, or online.

JPEG  You may use the single 5x7” jpeg file to upload and print onto photo paper at a photo lab (request a matte finish). Use this option for quick, convenient, inexpensive prints. This option works great if you are in a time crunch and/or need large quantities printed.

PROFESSIONAL  If you would like your invitations professionally printed (our personal recommendation), you can upload the jpeg file to an online professional print shop. Online print shops offer many different paper weights and finishes, giving a professional look and feel to your invitation. All of our invitations come with an industry standard .25” bleed. We highly recommend for professional printing on cardstock. is another good choice.


These days home printers are amazing - they can often create a professional looking result without the professional price. If you decide you want to try and print from home we recommend printing on 110-130 lb. (extra heavy) cardstock or heavy matte photo paper. Many office supply stores carry these paper weights, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, search online. There are hundreds of online shops that offer heavy weight stocks with different finishes.

*The backgrounds and colors that you see on your invitation files are part of the design. You will always use a BRIGHT WHITE cardstock or matte photo paper for printing your invitation.

Assembling your party package


Basic crafting supplies are required for assembly. All pages are formatted to be printed on 8.5"x11" paper. The backgrounds and colors that you see on your party package files are part of the design, so you will always use a bright white cardstock or matte photo paper for printing your package.

- Printer
- Paper trimmer, X-acto knife, or if you have a steady hand, scissors will always do the job.
- Circle, square, or scalloped craft punches
- Circle Cutter
- Small hole punch or ribbon punch
- Ribbon or twine
- Craft glue or hot glue gun
- Double stick craft adhesive, like the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider.
- 4" Lollipop sticks, toothpicks, or baking sticks for cupcake toppers
- 8" Lollipop sticks or wooden dowels for centerpiece sticks
- 8.5 x 11" heavy weight cardstock or premium matte photo paper (can be used for the whole package)
- Full sheet sticker paper (for water bottle labels or anything you want turned into a sticker)


To open your party printable PDF files, you will need Adobe Reader, a free download found at


Cut your pages of 2" party circles into columns with scissors to get close to the design for punching. Use a 2" circle craft punch or 2” scallop craft punch to punch your 2" party circles.

Next, use hot glue or a craft glue to adhere your circle to a 4” lollipop stick to make the cupcake topper (found in the cake decorating aisle of craft stores, big box stores, or online). You can also punch a 2” circle out of solid cardstock to back your cupcake topper.

Toothpicks also work great in place of the 4” lollipop sticks.

Another way to make your cupcake toppers is to adhere your 2” party circle to the lollipop stick (or toothpick) with a blank white circle label. Easy and still makes the back of the cupcake topper look “finished.”


Cut tags out with scissors or a 2" circle punch. Tape or hot glue to a favor bag, or use a small hole punch to punch a hole and string with ribbon or twine to tie onto a favor bag.


Cut each banner piece out with scissors, a paper trimmer, or a circle cutter depending on the shape of your banner. Punch the top corners of each piece with a small hole punch and string with ribbon or twine to hang.

Be sure to leave lots of ribbon left at each side of the banner for hanging. You can also simply adhere the banner pieces to the ribbon with a nice, strong double stick craft adhesive, like our favorite, Scotch Advanced Tape Glider. This gives a nice clean look without the fuss.


If you will not refrigerate or ice down your drinks, you can find sticker paper in 8.5”x11” sheets at your local office store, or use photo paper for printing. Remove the original label from your water bottle and adhere your printed label onto the bottle. For easy labels (print, peel & stick), all of our water bottle labels are formatted to print on product #OL1985WX.

To insure a waterproof label, you may purchase waterproof vinyl label sheets online as several online stores. Water resistent labels can also be made by wrapping your printed labels with 2" wide packing tape, contact paper, or by laminating your labels.


Cut each treat bag topper out with scissors or a paper trimmer and use a ruler and the back of a butter knife to score down the center (2” from the top) to make a folding crease. Fold the topper over a 4” wide treat bag or clear cello dessert bag (found in the cake aisle of craft stores) and staple on each side.


Cut out circles carefully right on the outside line of the printable design with scissors or a circle cutter. 4" party circles can also be cut out with a 3 1/2" circle punch. To hang on chandelier, punch a small hole with a hole punch and string a ribbon through to hang. Or you may attach the circles to an 8” lollipop stick to make centerpiece sticks (found in the cake aisle of craft stores). Tie ribbon to your lollipop stick for added embellishment.


Cut out with scissors or a paper trimmer and round the corners with a corner craft punch for added detail. You can adhere the sign to a piece of larger scrapbook paper or cardstock to mat the sign. Punch a hole with a small hole punch into the top corners of the scrapbook paper and string with ribbon or twine to hang.


Cut out with scissors and fold around a straw or toothpick and cut to your desired length. Use hot glue, craft glue, or a double stick craft adhesive to secure the front and back together. Straw flags have so many great uses.


Print onto 24lb bright white paper. Cut out with scissors or a paper trimmer and wrap around your standard size or mini candy bars. Use a double stick craft adhesive to secure the wrap on the back.


Cut out with scissors or a paper trimmer and score down the center using a ruler and the back of a butter knife to make a crease before folding.


Cut out with scissors or a paper trimmer. These labels can be used with place card holders or adhered to a piece of folded cardstock to make tent cards. You can also lean your fancy labels up against your party trays or adhere to a toothpick and insert into the food on the tray.


Patterned papers may be used for anywhere you would normally use scrapbook paper. Ideas include matting invitations or favor tags, making wraps for napkins, drinks, and foods. You may line dessert table plates, make your own placecards, etc.


For folded style thank you cards, cut out with scissors or a paper trimmer and fold in half at score line. For 4x6" flat cards, cut out at score lines. Both style cards require an A6 size envelope.